Why Choose French Patio Doors?

The back door of a home is an important feature; it not only facilitates more sunlight in the room but also gives an excellent view of the back door. The old sliding glass back doors are no more lucrative. Let’s take a look why you should consider buying a French door over other options.

[dropcap size=”220%” bgcolor=”theme”]1[/dropcap]Safety: French back doors gives are safer than sliding glass doors. French doors do swing out which can’t be kicked in or pried open. Someone cannot just pop open the hinges of the French door because the pins are non-removable. Also, these doors are locked by a steel rod on top and bottom and the deadbolt ensures the safety further.

[dropcap size=”220%” bgcolor=”theme”]2[/dropcap]Function: The French Patio doors are highly customizable so that you can customize them according to your needs. If you have a 6inch glass door, the maximum open will be 3 inches, whereas the maximum open of a normal French door will be 6 inches. Also, French back doors are easy to use and smooth in action. They tend to last longer than any other doors as well.

[dropcap size=”220%” bgcolor=”theme”]3[/dropcap]Appearance: In a modern home the old style sliding doors look boring. French back doors look pleasing and as they are highly customizable, home owners can customize them to their own likings. These doors improve the overall looks of the home and they are very pleasing to the eyes.

[dropcap size=”220%” bgcolor=”theme”]4[/dropcap]Efficiency: New French Back doors are made of high-performance fiberglass. These glasses are Low E, at least 1″ thick and double paned. So, these glasses consume less heat and keep indoor cooler. Also, these doors have weather strip which tightly seals outside air and water. Home owners will not even able to tell the difference in the outside temperature.

french patio doorsIn modern days, easy to use and look both are of high importance and French doors ensure both perfectly. A lot of old sliding doors are already being replaced by French doors and people are getting more attracted to them as days pass by. visit: www.doubleglazingpriceguide.org.uk/how-much-do-pvc-french-windows-and-doors-cost

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