Things to know about replacing your sash windows

5 Top Tips For Replacement Sash WindowsReplacing a sash window may seem simple, but there are a few things that a worth knowing before you set out to look for a replacement or two.

  1. You can get sash windows in uPVC as well as timber – uPVC sash windows can be less costly to buy than timber
  2. You can get tilt & turn sash windows – having a tilt turn action makes them very easy to clean from the inside and allows them to be used s a fire escape
  3. Although you may think they can’t be a good substitute for timber, new sash windows made form uPVC can be manufactured with a wood-grain surface that makes them look like the “real thing”.
  4. uPVC sash windows come in up to a dozen different colours, not just white.
  5. If you are replacing a sash window with a casement window, it will mean a lot more repair work on the inside of the window reveals because casement window frames are thinner than sash window frames.

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5 Top Tips For Replacement Sash Windows
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