Cost Effective Lean-to Conservatories

Cost Effective Lean-to Conservatories

Low cost lean-to conservatory options

Cost Effective Lean-to ConservatoriesIf you are thinking about building a conservator for your home, then a lean-to design is a good place to start. Lean-to have a reputation of being one of the most cost effective conservatories in the market.

Why are Lean-to the cheapest type of conservatory?

Lean-to are the cheapest type of conservatory probably because they are very straightforward and simple in design. The shape is a basic square or rectangle and there in only one side to the roof.

This means the whole thing lends itself to easy manufacture & installation.

Not only that, but with the latest uPVC framed versions combined with a pre-fabricated steel base, you can actually build one form start to finish in just a few days. If you want to know more, take a look at